You Asked For It!

Okay, maybe not you, but the requests for access to the full list of “Chuckisms,” my quotes of wit and wisdom, reached a peak last week, so here they are. They are sorted by topic and, as you might imagine, most will help you with your sales efforts. Leadership, success, goals, change, customer service, and other topics are there as well.
BTW: This is another example of interactive communication, one of the hot sales concepts for the post-pandemic age. You can read “5 Covid19 Sales Habits for Now & Later” here.

Example Chuckism:

“In the history of recorded time, no customer has ever said, ‘Your price is too high,’ and meant it.”

Use these quotes for:

  • Newsletter fillers
  • Sales presentation emphasis
  • Springboards for icebreaker discussions
  • Greeting cards and posters oh, wait, we’re saving that one for ourselves

REQUEST: I’m toying with the idea of producing a book with 200 – 300 words explaining each Chuckism. Please take a moment and determine if you would benefit from that resource and comment below with:

  • Good idea
  • Brilliant idea
  • No
  • Don’t kid yourself
  • Who would buy the thing?
  • Put me down for 100 copies

For more than thirty years Chuck Reaves, CSP, CPAE, CSO has been developing forward-leaning sales processes, technologies and leadership principles to help organizations raise their prices and their volumes simultaneously.

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