Here are some insights to use video in sales.

It is easy to say the wrong thing for the right reason. It is difficult to clean up the resulting mess  

 How To Say the Right Thing the Right Way

Eric Seidel is a media consultant who put Sean Hannity on the air, advises folks like Rush Limbaugh and spends most of his time working with people like us, business owners, in refining our messages. He has been a friend for a long time and will be brutally honest – a sign of a true friend.

When CNN called and offered me an interview, I said yes and immediately called Eric. Even after more than 3500 presentations all over the world – including multiple media interviews – this was too important to just wing it. Eric read the riot act to me.

I took copious notes and then emailed Nido Qubein. Nido is the consummate professional speaker, serves as President of High Point University, and has received numerous national honors. He is a perpetual student – always trying to learn. Knowing he has been the subject of feature stories on CNN and other networks, he would have the inside scoop. His advice was almost word-for-word what Eric had given me.

Today you can learn some of these concepts, right now, no strings attached.

Think of every conversation with a customer or an employee as an interview. It is!

There are rules, best practices and dangers in being interviewed. Learn them now; it may be too late when one of your employees says, “there’s a news crew unloading in the parking lot.” It may be too late when a client has their attorney or other representative contact you.


Eric Siedel

A busy consultant, Eric will not waste his time or yours unless he is convinced his skills are right for your situation. If he refers you to another source, it is because he wants the best for his clients.

Eric Seidel

The Media Trainers

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