You should use video in sales. Communicate with video – internally and externally – but BEWARE!

Video is an increasingly popular media for communicating. It can increase your sales dramatically or drive away your customers.

Somewhere between Avatar and YouTube is the sweet spot for your video messaging.  

Video is increasing in popularity. It is an effective means for communicating verbal and non-verbal messages. With the recent improvements in technology, shooting, editing and publishing videos is faster and easier than ever before.

That has become a problem.

There is too much poor quality video going around. So, what are you to do?

  • Seek professional help! This cannot be overemphasized. None of us can be objective when reviewing our own materials. Fonts, colors and other graphics are as important as lighting, angles, etc.
  • Determine the purpose. What do you want or expect the viewer to do once they have seen the video?
  • Determine your audience. A video produced by a CEO/CSO to inspire or educate their employees requires a different approach from one that will go out to clients and prospects.
  • Invest. If you plan to create frequent videos in-house, invest in good equipment and learn how to use it. The professional you bring in (see the first bullet) can help you select the equipment and can provide ongoing training and coaching for continuous quality improvement. After all, technology, esthetics and other changes need to be considered. Keep a consultant involved – I do.

Video can be one of your best sales and marketing assets or it can be a disaster. Yes, I know, you can shoot video with your iPhone and edit it with some free software.

  • Will the end result more closely resemble Avatar or YouTube?
  • How will it compare to the other videos your clients are viewing?

There are too many variables to discuss here, so contact a qualified videographer. My recommendation is Bob Chesney, Chesney Communications  I have known him for my entire speaking career and found no one better at determining how to create the best video product within a reasonable budget (you may be surprised). NOTE: Bob will conduct an initial needs analysis and give you some ideas. If he refers you to another resource, don’t be offended. His unique skills and his uncanny ability to hold down costs keep him booked.


There are many formats you can use to deliver your videos, including:

  • Newsletters
  • Website/Webpages
  • Embedded in emails
    Click here to see an example of a video nesletter in PDF format
  • Etc.

And, there are numerous technical formats:

  • .MOV, .MP4, .HTML
  • PDF (yes, that familiar format can actually have interactive multimedia components!)
  • YouTube, Vimeo, others
  •  Etc.


This week I was asked to review six videos from professional presenters. Three were awful and would have damaged the person’s career if they had been distributed. Two needed significant tweaking. The sixth is from a well-known, on-air talent from a major news outlet. That critique is taking more time because their presentation style is strong but still needs to have minor alterations for the live (versus studio) environment.

I have referred all of these folks to Bob Chesney. While I can sometimes help with content and delivery, I ask for help when it comes to production.

Use video to knock out your competitors, not to eliminate yourself.