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A New Iteration of a Familiar Story

They thought they could

Why would educated, landed and influential people risk everything to rebel against the status quo?

In the 1700’s these people (who happened to be OWMs) came together and formed the society we Appreciate, Enjoy or want to Destroy today.

It is happening again right now in Afghanistan.

Jerry Striplin just sent a briefing that deserves some attention. He succinctly explains how extraordinary the current event is, refers to the dangers the participants are facing and then cuts to the chase: “Forward Planning and Past Learnings.”

Take Five Minutes…

As you read this briefing, remember the Patriots who imagined a better government, examined the possible ways it could be constructed and then used their experience to bring it to life. From their knowledge of history, they knew they may lose everything, as some of them did.

America’s longest war may actually conclude with peace in the Middle East.

Here’s the briefing:

Innovation and Creativity Start at the Edge | Jerry M. Striplin

Today is 26 April 2019. As I sit here in Kabul, I think about the innovation and creativity required to move this great nation through another period of change. These next few weeks mark significant days in the history of Afghanistan. Mujahedin Victory Day is on the 28th the Loya Jirga will occur on April 29 through 2 May and Ramadan begins on May 6. I am particularly focused on the Loya Jirga. It is comprised of over 2500 key leaders, commanders, followers and supporters from across the country traveling to Kabul in order to conduct their grand Tribal [...]

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