The response to the initial newsletters on the subject of making better use of seasoned professionals has been remarkable. Readers have been sending in statistics, anecdotes and questions that have caused me to rethink the OWM approach.

For instance, not only are Old White Men being “dis-considered” for positions, so are mature women and people of color.

Going forward, we will be using a new theme:

“How to Turn Silver into Gold”

We will refer to ourselves as the “Silvers,” people who have silver-level experience that can be used to create gold for themselves and others.

Individuals in this category will benefit from the ideas here. Companies, particularly CEOs, HR Directors and Entrepreneurs will learn how to capitalize on the use of Silvers.

While raising money for a high-tech start-up, a group of investors told me, “Your silver hair is gold for us.” What they were saying was that they felt more comfortable investing in a company that had some mature, experienced people on the leadership team. Your organization might want to rethink how Silvers can bring new dimensions and faster successful deployments for your projects.

This column is for:

  • Silvers – anyone who feels like their maturity is underappreciated (you or someone you know)
  • CEOs and HR Directors
  • Entrepreneurs

In future issues, we will address three primary aspects of the demographic disparity that has created the friction in our business culture and heartburn for us Silvers. We will be giving practical, honest ideas for capitalizing on the use of Silvers. Do not expect to be coddled.

Here is a quick video with a quiz that explains the concept further:

You Can Contribute to This Column

The response to the first two columns has been amazing.

It appears there is a lot of interest in this subject, so, I’m considering using it as a blog, a forum, for the exchange of IDEAS, EXPERIENCES and PREDICTIONS.

There will be Columnists and Contributors. The difference will be in the frequency of their op-eds. Links to articles in other publications will be considered. When you have something to say, considering saying it here.

Thank you for your interest.

Teach Others!

PS: For those of you who asked if I’m writing a book on the topic; yes, it is underway.

SILVERs Columns

Jerry Striplin
The International OWM

(Here is an excerpt from his column; download the full version below. You will learn from it and see some of yourself in it.). CLICK IMAGE FOR EMAIL ACCESS.

I’ve now worked in over 53 countries and as I write these thoughts from Kabul this is my third tour in Afghanistan. I’ve had the pleasure to mentor a number of people that have taken the time to ask how did you get here, what would you have done differently and what can you share with me? Those three questions open my heart and my mind and if I can teach them to listen to learn and not just listen to reply then I feel like I’ve succeeded.

There is a tremendous wave of age discrimination that moves across the world. I turned 70 years old in Afghanistan this year. I remember that in 2008, my first time here working with the fellow who was 82 years old. He became both my hero and my role model. He was in good shape, articulate, humble and had the skills to communicate what was needed in such a way that it was understood and appreciated. If I remember correctly, he was over 90 when he passed.

So, in sharing this information what is the message? In this age of discrimination, I believe that you have to keep three things in mind….READ FULL ARTICLE