We have entered the new normal in our culture and in business; some refer to it as America 2.0. Things will never be the same and each of us, regardless of position or influence must decide what we will change, not if we will change.

Use Handwashing to Instill Productive Thoughts

Consider your thoughts each time you wash your hands. Could they be:

  • “I’m in a new normal now, what do I need to do differently, better or faster today?”
  • “What can I teach others today that will help them in their new normal?”
  • “How can I support the decision-makers who affect my life?”

Would these questions be useful posted around your sinks?

Redefine Your Processes

During the peak of the pandemic, a number of client companies were still running full bore. They were and continue to practice physical distancing, hand washing, and taking other precautions. Some were running three shifts seven days. They have less of a recovery period since they fine-tuned their familiar processes already.

For everyone else, there is a smart way to recover from the pandemic but it will require redefining their processes, not just fine-tuning the familiar.

Post-Pandemic Sales Recovery

To be your guide as we continue to navigate the new normal, I’m offering a resource that addresses the changes in sales technologies, processes, and cultures. It is not the end-all, perfect approach for anyone. There isn’t one. In fact, the new normal will be a work-in-progress for some time and will vary by industry.

Use The Power of 3 to find smart resources for moving forward in your new normal. No one source has all of the good ideas. Examine several and select at least three. A resource you can access anytime and from anywhere.


For more than thirty years Chuck Reaves, CSP, CPAE, CSO has been developing forward-leaning sales processes, technologies and leadership principles to help organizations raise their prices and their volumes simultaneously.

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash