“If I always do what I’ve always done, I’ll have less than I’ve ever had before.”

Chuckism #32

Technology is going to move ahead. Sales processes are going to improve. Demographics are going to shift. Regulations are going to change.

Just as the COVID-19 restrictions were being lifted, the riots began. Some businesses were actively engaged in executing their Plan B only to be hit with another UC – Unexpected Consequence.

The bad news is that there are more UCs to come. The good news is that they are unlikely to be the result of shutdowns and closures. However, they will probably be the result of continuing supply chain disruptions.

If you have not taken advantage of having your team go through the EXselling training, now would be a good time. The module on Supply Chain Selling combined with Blended Selling can give you what you need to react and pro-act quickly. The entire course will help you with your Plans B, C, D, etc.

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For more than thirty years Chuck Reaves, CSP, CPAE, CSO has been developing forward-leaning sales processes, technologies and leadership principles to help organizations raise their prices and their volumes simultaneously.

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