Yes, in some situations a sales professional can earn six-figure incomes from small sales, but it takes a lot of work. Not just work for the salesperson, but, at General Plastics, work for estimators, engineers, customer service, techs – well, you get the idea.
Some of you are struggling to find six-figure opportunities. You are telling me it isn’t easy. GOOD! If was easy, we would already have them! I’ve heard that there are no opportunities for some of you. That simply means you have not identified the opportunities, doesn’t it?
So here are some ideas:
What does General Plastics bring to the table that would help you identify new accounts?
  • DEPTH OF RESOURCE – we can do a lot of different things. It is no wonder that the market does not know our capabilities – they are numerous and varied. So we need to be looking for customers who are looking to do things betterfaster and at a lower cost. That’s what we bring to the table. Our quality level is better than most and enviable by almost everyone in the manufacturing world. Our customers stay with us because we meet deadlines better than most anyone else. And while our prices are among the highest, our customers experience an overall lower cost in their businesses when they engage with us.
  • AGILITY – we move relatively quickly. There are some folks who have greater levels of resources than GP – but they move slowly; most of them have to. Large organizations can easily and unintentionally become bureaucratic in design and function. And there are those who can move faster than us but they don’t have our level of capabilities.
  • LIKABILITY – never underestimate the importance of relationship selling.
 So, WHO ELSE do you know that would benefit from GP’s strengths?
Who needs lightweight but strong materials (they have dreamed of but did not know existed)?
Who needs flame retardant materials? How about the folks at Samsung?
Speaking of Samsung, beyond industrial manufacturers, who else could you target? How about medical? Consumer products? Even service providers?
“WHAT ELSE?” is the key question here. In order to learn what else your customers are trying to accomplish, you will probably need to talk to some more folks in their organization, won’t you? What do your customers have on the drawing board for 2017 and 2018? We want to be at the planning table rather than the auction block bidding for business. Offer to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement), only have Leadership approve it first. Often, just offering to sign one will place you in a whole new light with your contacts. They know you’re not a peddler; you are a problem solver.
Which of your existing accounts appreciates GP’s depth of resources? Do they even know what else we offer?
Which of your accounts needs GP’s agility in order to better meet their customers’ requirements and stay ahead of their competitors?
There are plenty of fish in the sea; are we fishing in the right spot? There are whales in the sea – in the deeper water. Don’t be afraid. You are equipped and able to land the big ones.