“In the history of recorded time, no customers has ever said,
‘Your price is too high,’ and mean it.” ~ CHUCKISM #6

Do you need for your speaker to deliver high content or high entertainment?

For instance, when I speak to an audience of CEOs or business owners, the presentation is primarily content-focused. When I deliver a motivational talk, the presentation is primarily entertainment-driven with key, salient points included. Almost everyone likes to be entertained; so every presentation includes humor, stories and “gotcha’” moments.

Do you want your attendees to

  • Do something new?
  • Do something differently?
  • Stop doing something?

Decide what your optimum outcome would be for your time and resource investment in your meeting and then choose your speakers.

To watch demo videos of Chuck speaking live,

“If I always do what I’ve always done, I’ll have less than I’ve ever had before.”

Sales development begins at the top with the way your sales team is organized, compensated and motivated. Chuck can help you fine-tune or even redefine your sales model. Then, he will develop a sales training program that meets your objectives and your budget.

Chuck works with CEOs, CSOs, Sales Leaders, salespeople and customer service employees. He offers Blended Learning for your training which includes:

  • Classroom: Half-day to multiple days and multiple events. Can include your proprietary Sales Handbook, lecture, case studies, role play and other exercises.
  • e-Learning: Chuck has been pioneering e-learning since 2004 and has just launched the brand new version which utilizes the latest in e-learning technology, psychology and delivery and includes performance reporting to your sales leader.
  • Webinars: Audio and video webinars will help keep your people on track and address new issues.
  • Audio: Your salespeople can benefit from using the audio tracks in their cars and while they work to reinforce their training.
  • Learn any time from any where
  • Training can be made available immediately
  • Training can include quizzing
  • Reporting options are available to managers to track how salespeople are utilizing the training

Some organizations find it beneficial to build e-learning training for their customers.

Combining e-learning with classroom, webinars and other types of learning increases retention and application.

Chuck has been a pioneer in professional e-learning for many years and continuously updates his content and the delivery technology.