It is happening throughout the North American culture. It is the result of prolonged approaches that are being increasingly resisted. Some of the Generally Accepted Sales Practices (GASP) of value-added selling support it. The amazingly powerful approach for 2019 is humility.

If you are familiar with the Pendulum Theory, this is obvious. Our culture is experiencing how aggression, arrogance and antagonism are bringing diminishing results. A humbler approach is being welcomed by everyone from buyers to C-Levels.

Humility stems from confidence; confidence stems from competence. Being the nice person will not work as well as being the helpful resource. As a resource, the depth and accuracy of what you bring to the table will determine your level of success.

Capitalize on two Chuckisms:

“Most buyers are better at buying than salespeople are at selling.” Chuckism #15

“Many buyers are better at selling than salespeople are.” Chuckism #16

Assume your customers and prospects have heard the same old sales pitches before and already know much of what you would ordinarily say.

Targets for 2019

Ensure your 2019 sales strategy includes the following targets if possible:


This sector will continue to grow in 2019 with strong funding in some areas.

Pay attention to biotech. There is increasing interest and support for the players with innovative offerings. Think “Blockers” and “Stimulants.” Anything that reduces or eliminates the use of opiates for pain relief and other pharmaceuticals will be particularly attractive. Look at companies that are developing “pacemakers” for bodily functions other than cardio, such as the tiny device that stimulates tears for people with chronic dry eyes. Some of these capitalize on older, proven technologies.

Silicon Valley and the Research Triangle are no longer necessarily the best neighborhoods for high tech innovators; think Pittsburgh, Atlanta and other areas where the costs of living and available talent pools are favorable.

What can you offer a biotech company, their suppliers or their customers?

“Sales Leaders: The questions you ask your salespeople will determine what they say and do when they’re in front of their customers”
Chuckism #23

Fortune 1000

The big guys, the Whales, can better weather any upcoming economic storms. Economists have predicted “eight of the last three recessions” and some are predicting another one in 2019. With their depth of resources, the Whales will continue to use the vendors that are helping and supporting them. Be one of them.

The issue, of course, is the long sales cycle required to land a Whale. So start now. I have a new White Paper coming out that explains the current strategies and tactics needed to land a Whale in 2019. (That process is changing.) The information will be sent to my current active clients and to most people who request it by emailing me at

The use of Blended Selling ( can accelerate sales in all categories and especially with the Whales.

Blended Selling allows you to use your existing capabilities more effectively.

BTW: Did you know that using Blended Selling can stimulate dopamine for you and your customers? See Simon Sinek’s video here:



The new underclass that will appreciate your humble approach is the Old White Male, OWM. Last week Lebron James highlighted this segment of our society in one of his rants, NPR mentions them occasionally and Hollywood mentions them frequently.

As an OWM, I can relate to, sympathize with and challenge others in this underclass to step up their game. The OWM stereotype was earned by us and can be reinvented by us.

I will be issuing a series of newsletters and White Papers to assist any OWM who wants to capitalize on their wisdom and take their game to the next level. (Wisdom is the combination education and experience.) Watch for them if you subscribe to the Motivational Minute newsletter.

The viable OWM regularly improves their Education, Experiences and Environment. There are some OWMs who have 30 years of experience and others who have one year of experience 30 times over. Those who are willing to continuously learn, participate in events that are outside of their comfort zone and enter into new environments will be powerful forces in 2019. They are the outlier OWMs, they can sense the differences in Cycles, Trends, and Fads and can beat the others at their own games.

What can you offer an OWM in your client’s organization?


The humble approach:

  • Instead of telling the customer how wonderful you are, talk about how their business or life will be even better.
  • Instead of putting down the competition, say something like, “We have chosen to take a different approach which has proven to be better for our clients.”
  • Exemplify the “H” in PLUSH Selling