As communities and companies reopen, we are learning about more unintended consequences that will impact our sales efforts. According to the experts, “we ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Watch the video for details. 27 minutes. Goes well with coffee.

Two clients in the same industry:

  • One continues to lay off employees and is considering selling his business to what was the lowest bidder (because it is the only bidder remaining)
  • Another has seen the same circumstances and is expanding with a new approach that will grow his business short-term and long-term

This comprehensive video presentation is built on what clients are saying and asking. It incorporates the latest concepts in value-added selling – some that were just beginning earlier this year. After reviewing many of the areas where your sales strategy may need to be revised, it gives you strategies making the changes happen.

Some sales strategies covered:

  • Kaizen for Sales
  • Better, Faster, Lower Cost in all aspects of sales
  • The three types of opportunities you will encounter
  • No more annual sales plans (too much change coming)
  • Capitalizing on cycles, trends and fads
  • Supply chain focus
  • The difference in being sales-driven and sales-focused
  • Everything is up for grabs
  • New compensation approaches
  • More…

With customers buying in new and different ways, this is a perfect time to embrace our new Corporate Sales Training Program and our new course “Kaizen for Sales.”  Contact for details or visit this link.

For more than thirty years Chuck Reaves, CSP, CPAE, CSO has been developing forward-leaning sales processes, technologies and leadership principles to help organizations raise their prices and their volumes simultaneously.

Photo by Bluehouse Skis on Unsplash