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“Whenever two minds come together, a third mind is created.” – Chuckism #40

Q: What is a “Gallery”?

I: A gallery is a dynamic collection of sales tools that traditional salespeople and SUBERs can utilize. They are usually developed by the product or service provider. They offer tools for advancing the sale the right way and in compliance with the provider’s standards. They may be in the form of print, media or calculator/configurator. They may be generic or tailored and they may be static or interactive.

Q: What is the difference in a SUBER and an independent rep?

I: Independent reps still have more restrictions than SUBERs do. Since many of them work under manufacturer rep organizations or distributors, they have to meet the objectives and requirements set by others. SUBERs set their own objectives based on their own requirements.

Q: What is drip selling?

I: Drip marketing is a proven concept and has been around a long time. The concept behind it is “spaced repetition.” Sophisticated analytics are available that reveal how many times a prospect has to be “touched” before they make a buying decision. Drip selling uses spaced repetition to capture the prospect’s interest during the Shopping Stage: what they do after the marketing efforts have intrigued them and before they want to engage a vendor. SUBERs and traditional salespeople can use the elements in their Gallery to automate or semi-automate their drip selling.

Q: How does relationship selling work with Blended Selling?

I: Relationship selling is a redundant term; all selling is relationship selling. Companies don’t do business with companies; people do business with people. In the Blended Selling model, sales professionals, especially SUBERs, build on their relationships with their customers. Using a Sales Process Methodology, SPM, they have a roadmap or a recipe for moving the sale along successfully. Using the elements in their Gallery, they can touch their customers the right way at the right time based on what they have learned as a result of their relationships.

Q: Why would a manufacturer or service provider choose to use a SUBER?

I: The short answer is speed. Speed to market. Speed to closure. Any provider who is considering entering a new geographic market or selling into a new industry has an initial learning curve. They must learn the wants and needs of the people in the market or industry, they have to learn how decisions are made and all of this is after they have determined what problems they can solve for the people in those areas and why their solution is better. Whew! A SUBER will already know the market or industry or both. They will know where the low-hanging fruit and the early-adapters are. They already speak the language. The sales will happen faster. Also, the SUBER is independent so if it turns out the provider’s product or service is not ready for the market or industry, they can pull the plug quickly.