Here are some ideas for filling your pipeline now.

You fill it and I will help your team empty it!

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This is Module One (beta) which covers the principles of using a value-added approach to prospecting. It shows how to prioritize your prospecting activities, how to prospect more profitably and how to prepare for the initial customer contact.

Next week this training will go into the training library where you and your team can purchase it at any time.

While you are filling your pipeline, I can help your team prepare to address each opportunity either through my traditional fee structure or the new revenue sharing option described below. Email me with your interest and I will send you more details.

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Future modules will go into detail about how to implement each of the principles covered in this training.


The first quarter of 2020 will see a need for your CLIENT RETENTION efforts to go to the next level.

New accounts will be more difficult to find unless they are price shopping.

This means filling your pipeline now is a good idea. Beginning in January, shift your focus (training, coaching and compensation) to account retention and growth.

Regardless of what you and I think about the economy, what our clients think is more important. It may be a “Chicken Little” issue, but it will still require us to respond differently. When clients think the sky is falling, they expect us to provide an umbrella.