Old White Males Do Not Have a Purpose
They have many purposes in a lifetime

One of the most famous OWMs once said:

“The two most important days in a person’s life
are the day they are born and the day they learn why.” ~ Mark Twain



If you’re an OWM, what is the best use of your experience, what you have learned and the environment you are creating NOW?

It is true of everyone, not just OWMs.

We go through seasons or stages in life and each one can change our purpose. For instance, if you are a parent:

  • You bring the infant home and you are protector and provider.
  • When the child is a toddler, you are teacher and coach.
  • For the pre-adolescent, you are the wisest person on earth.
  • For the teenager, you are the dumbest.
  • From then on, you are confidant and consultant.