The engines of commerce are warming up. The race will be won by those who are prepared, have the right weapons and the right ammunition.

Virtual Transactions Will Continue

Some, maybe many, buyers and sellers will remain in remote locations. Some travel will still be less convenient or unusable.

And that’s about all of the “bad” news.

The good news is that we are entering an exciting new era in sales.

Better, Faster, Interactive

Those of you who are building your digital libraries, keep in mind the most effective tools are better, faster, and interactive. Customer engagement begins with the initial contact and is reinforced with every subsequent contact.

Fortunately, virtual selling not only gives us more methods for touching customers and prospects, it gives us more opportunities as well. They are becoming better, faster, and increasingly interactive.


  • than what we were using prior to the pandemic
  • because your library is being updated regularly
  • because more people in your organization are contributing content


  • creation
  • distribution
  • updating
  • responses from customers


  • customer engagement
  • prospect engagement
  • without phone or email (customers sell themselves)

Find the hidden opportunities in virtual sales and the new normal. Use them to get ahead of your competitor.


With customers buying in new and different ways, this is a perfect time to embrace Blended Selling – Selling the Way the Customer Wants to Buy. You can find an overview at and complete training at

For more than thirty years Chuck Reaves, CSP, CPAE, CSO has been developing forward-leaning sales processes, technologies and leadership principles to help organizations raise their prices and their volumes simultaneously.

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash