Motivational speakers are in increasingly higher demand. Your role as an influencer in your organization might require you, Chuck, to be a motivator.   
When you think of a motivational speaker, what comes to mind? Over the years, the great speakers have influenced and impacted thousands of lives in significant ways. The question is, what happens when the event is over? How can you perpetuate the momentum created by the motivator?
When I am asked if I’m a motivational speaker, my answer is, yes – if you use my definition of motivation:
Motivation is the combination of education and opportunity. 
Teach someone to do something and give them the opportunity to do it and you will have a motivated individual. Remove either of those the two factors and the person will be frustrated.
Suppose you were trained as a concert pianist but had no access to a piano. Would you be motivated or frustrated?
Or, what if you inherited a beautiful piano but did not know how to play it? Would you be motivated or frustrated?
Your role in motivating others in your organization is to:
  • Help train them
  • Help them find new opportunities to use their talents and skills
  • Both of the above
The New Motivators

Imitate the next generation of motivational speakers. The new paradigm for successful motivational speakers is to combine new ideas (education) and new approaches (opportunities) in our presentations.
For instance, there have been more changes in the profession of sales in the past few months than there have been in the past few years. Technology, processes and demographics are the three primary disrupters of the ways we have always sold. Professionals are hungry for new ideas. Armed with new principles and techniques, sales professionals reenter their markets with renewed enthusiasm and achieve more gratifying results.
Regardless of your position in your organization,
What have you learned that you could teach your team members?
It continues to amaze me how creative and innovative people can become when they are armed with new information and challenged to explore new ways of using it. A software company raised their prices ten-fold by simply asking, “Who Else?” They found a new market. Another boosted their top and bottom lines by asking “What Else?” could they do for their existing clients?
What questions are you asking that could uncover new opportunities?
Self Motivation
What will motivate you to achieve higher levels of success in 2017?
May I suggest the combination of Education and Opportunity?
LEARN something new:
  • A new software program
  • Take a course (every subject is available online)
  • Treat yourself to a new laptop or tablet (invest in yourself)
  • Simply reorganize your work space (amazing how this one works!)
 Identify a new OPPORTUNITY:
Armed with your newfound knowledge:
  • WHO ELSE could you engage?
  • WHAT ELSE could you do
    • Professionally?
    • Personally?
What is something you have always wanted to do?  Whatever excuse you may have used in the past can be motivated away. Whatever knowledge you lacked is there for the taking. The original opportunities may have changed – but there are still many more awaiting your efforts.
“The only difference in you and the person who is doing what you would like to do is just that: they’re doing it.” – Chuckism #34
“There are no extraordinary people. There are only ordinary people who are doing things other people perceive to be extraordinary.” – Chuckism #35