Video Emails On Their Way Out
VIDEO EMAIL: A video or other multimedia embedded in the body of an email; not an attachment or a link.

A Popular Concept Overused

2019 may see the end of embedded videos in emails. Ironically, it’s because they are becoming increasingly popular – and unprofessional. That’s the bad news; the good news is that another Blended Selling tool is proving to be even more effective.

Here Is Why

You know it’s a good idea when people begin copying it. Some corporate firewalls block videos entirely, some are selective and yet most allow them.

As a result of the increases in the response rates from emailed embedded videos, many options are available now for creating them. Unfortunately, little attention is being paid to the quality of the messages, the delivery and the interactive behavior. Believe it or not, people are being instructed to hold up a small white board or even a piece of paper with the recipient’s name on it.

If videos showed up in your inbox that had images like the ones above, you might click on them the first time or two. The quality of the actual video would be somewhere between amateur and poor, so the newness would wear off quickly. The industries where these are being used are now seeing a decline in click-throughs.

If this is new to your industry or market, and you are considering using them, here are some considerations:

  • Use a real video editing program, not the online versions
  • Insure there are intro and outro effects, both audio and video
  • Use an appropriate music bed
  • Keep the video under 60 seconds
  • Render at the lowest acceptable resolution
  • DO NOT activate “Play Automatically” unless you want to have your future emails blocked

In business, clever and unique is trumped by quality. Remember, the recipient of a video email is accustomed to professional, broadcast-quality video. Anything less than that will appear to be amateurish.

“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember.
Involve me and I understand.”
– John Gay
Now a fundamental principle for creating Interactive PowerPoint

An Alternative

The key to most Blended Selling approaches is “Interaction.” So, engage, involve the client or prospect.

INTERACTIVE POWERPOINT: A PowerPoint presentation that offers the viewer frequent, multiple alternatives and allows them to negotiate through the content at their discretion.

Interactive PowerPoint presentations remain the best universal alternative. Attach a PPTX. file to your email and it will usually make its way to the recipient. You can embed different media, including video, in your slides. However, to keep the file size down and avoid some of the more sophisticated firewalls, embed links to your videos and other media.

Here is a reminder of how to build an interactive PowerPoint:

  • Make it as interactive as possible
    • Let the customer use their mouse to navigate (minimize keystrokes)
    • Ensure there is a HOME or MENU button on every slide to make it easy for the user to find their way back to your main menu
  • Give them layers of information
    • On the main menu with 5 to 7 choices, they will usually want to search 3 of them
    • As they move to each topic, offer 3 to 5 options with more detail
    • When using links to media files that are not embedded, use the “Open in New Window” option whenever possible – this prevents the user from inadvertently leaving the presentation
  • The last slide should have:
    • Your contact information
    • Email link to easily email you
    • A specific call-to-action

Let us help you develop the unique messaging and pathways needed for your Interactive PowerPoint presentations. Engage and involve your clients and prospects.

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