You Are Either in the New Underclass or You Know Someone Who Is
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Some folks got together and decided to create a new calendar – one that would be accepted all over the world. They decided that the first month would be named after the popular god, Janus. (That lets you know how long ago this happened.) He supposedly had two heads which allowed him to see the future and the past and became synonymous with new beginnings.

We enter 2019 with a new beginning for an emerging underclass: Old White Males, OWMs.


There are two types of OWMs:

  • Those that have 30 years of experience
  • Those that have one year of experience 30 times over

The former are viable, asking “Who else?” and “What else?”

The latter are stereotypical, yelling, “Get off my lawn!”


If You Are an OWM

Watch for ideas in upcoming newsletters beginning January 1, 2019.

Ask yourself and your trusted advisers right now:

“Is it time for me to fine-tune the familiar,
(keep on doing what you’re doing but do it better)
or is it time for me to reinvent myself?”

If You Know a Viable OWM

Ignore them at your peril.

The viable ones can help you avoid mistakes and unintended consequences based on lessons from the past. Meanwhile, They can give you insights for differentiating between cycles, trends and fads.

Or, they can eat your lunch.

Happy New Year!

This will be one of the most exciting and unique years we have witnessed.

Theme for 2019: “Get Ready!”