MYTH: Since the principles of selling do not change, I know all I need to know.

TRUTH: There has been more change in the world of sales in the past nine months than there has been in the past twenty years. And, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Cycles, Trends and Fads are about to bite the unprepared salesperson and sales professional as well.

Get Ready.

“If the ax is dull, and one does not sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength; but wisdom brings success.” – Solomon

Following a previous edition of this newsletter we received numerous comments about Cycles, Trends and Fads. Many remarked about how their industries are experiencing predictable fluctuations which is another term for cycles. Others asked about current trends in particular buying situations and one unfortunate respondent found he had jumped in on the final stages of a fad.

The Year of the Rat?

What happens when multiple cycles coincide?

Who wins? Who loses?

CYCLE: The weather is on its predictable 21-year cycle with hotter summers and colder winters. Look back to the days of the dust bowl (heat & drought) and you will also see harsh winters (cold & precipitation).

TREND: Economic confidence will erode into January even though many economic indicators are positive. (Ask your realtor or broker if they have been around for a while.) It will rebound in 1Q20, but timidity will slow buying decisions.

FAD: Outrageous bickering will lessen. You can’t throw mud without getting some on your hands. Issues will trump insults (no pun intended).


It is time to sharpen the ax.

Some Ideas:

  • If you are satisfied with your current sales approach, conduct a refresher course. Let each member of your sales team be responsible for one element of sales and facilitate the training/coaching session.
  • If you are considering taking your sales team to the next level, now is the time to implement the necessary training, tools, etc.
  • To “fine-tune-the-familiar,” use DIY, in-house training.
  • To “redefine the process,” use an outside resource.