MYTH: It takes just as much time and expense to close a smaller account as it does to close a larger one.

TRUTH: It can, but it does not have to.

Here are some ideas for profitably adding small accounts to your pipeline now.
You fill your pipe and I will help your team empty it!

Why bother with those pesky, needy small accounts?

Here is a six-minute tutorial that explains:

  1. Why we need the Minnows and the Whales
  2. How you can better utilize your existing assets to manage smaller accounts more profitably
  3. Resources you can tap
  4. A checklist for getting started
ANOTHER Free Training for All of Your Customer-Facing People

Here is a quick way to help your team understand the realities of working with different types of customers. How do they manage profitable, enthusiastic, angry and other customers – regardless of size?

Click the image on the left for the “Quiz” version of this training.

  • How to manage the five customer types
  • How to address the slow-paying customer
  • How to manage the angry customer
  • More…