“The only difference in you and the person who is doing what you would like to do, is just that: they are doing it.”  – Chuckism #2
Everyone Succeeds Differently

When reviewing what others are doing, use this process:

What do they know that I need to know and how can I learn that?

What skills do they have that I need to have and how can I develop them?

What resources are they using (mentors, associations, etc.) and how can I tap into similar resources?

Report Card

Some of this month’s evaluations

“Chuck was great!”

One of the best I have had the privilege of attending”

It was very clear he is a professional and was so flexible and with it. Highly recommended.”


“Already I’ve had several members ask for access to the recording of your presentation.  Always an exciting time when, after 24 hours of the presentation, participants still want to learn more and use what was presented.”

He explained things in ways that can be applied across all areas of the business. Even though we were looking at selling and customer service, you could apply the same tips to all other areas of the business.”

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Block Chain Sales (RESTRICTED*) Bundling the principles of Kaizen for Sales, Supply Chain Selling, Big Data and Executive Level Selling, Block Chain Sales is the phenomenal, next-generation level of Value-Added Selling. Many of our clients have already built their foundations for capitalizing on this exciting approach for taking their products and services to market. Information from outside sources like Deloitte, Gartner and others will be addressed. The world of sales leadership is about to change dramatically. (This has nothing to do with Bitcoin.)
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