Happy New Era! 2020 will not only be more interesting that 2019, it will bring some unique opportunities. Get Ready!

In 2019, we addressed the OWM (old, white male) issue several times. Interestingly, every one of the columnists is now engaged in new positions, at higher levels and earnings using their core competencies. Putting the concept into focus makes it easier to understand, defend and to capitalize on it. A recent arrival to the OWM community called last week, ask for some advice and used what we have been discussing here to land an “impossible” assignment – on his terms! Wisdom works(wisdom is the combination of education and experience). If you’re an OWM, give it a try; your new era may have arrived.

Campaign 2020 will reveal people whose primary message is built around tearing down other people. The winners will be people who have viable ideas and can sell them. You can’t throw mud without getting some on yourself, some seem to forget.

Pay attention to the “bump in the road” in mid-January. Determine if it is a fad, a trend or part of your business/industry cycle.

The new era of sales is unfolding as well.

  • B2C: It is now possible for a sales professional to make interactive sales calls on households where both adults graduated from different Ivy League schools, have one domestic and one foreign automobile, a pure-bred dog and vacationed in more than two states in 2019. Meanwhile, there are still sweatshops where people are pounding the phones making cold calls with a less-than-two-percent success rate. Their game has ended but they’re still playing.
  • B2B: AI and AR are exploding. Even lower-priced products and services can benefit as these technologies mature. Data mining is going to the next level with data refining with amazing results.

EXselling is progressing. Thanks (?) to our beta testers, I will need to invest another 100 or so hours to incorporate their awesome suggestions! It will be worth it for all of us.


More than 25 lessons covering topics like:

  • Supply Chain Selling (helping your customers sell to their customers)
  • Business Function Selling (account saturation, not penetration)
  • Collaborative Selling (instant, targeted education)
  • Blended Selling (enhanced)
  • Kaizen/Lean for Sales (better, faster, lower-cost sales calls)
  • Feature-Benefit-Solution Process
  • Want/Need Analysis
  • Revised and Updated P.L.U.S.H. Selling
  • Cost Justification (concepts and tools)
  • The Power of Three

Imagine not having to make cold calls or talk to customers or close sales.
It’s a new era.

International Consultant,
Seasoned, Experienced,
Creative, Smart

One of the OWM contributors who has entered his next new era is Jerry Striplin. Intelligent, experienced, funny and, most of all, giving, he voluntarily sends us his approach to interviewing as an OWM.

If you or someone you know needs to find a route to their new era, here is his proven, unselfish and unsolicited advice.