Some ideas…

A new white paper is yours for the clicking. “From Senior to Silver” is a guide for making the transition. If you are a senior (unlikely if you’re a reader of this column), this can help. Better yet, if you know someone who deserves to refocus their lives, pass this on to them. As a CEO, manager or other leader, here is a way you can help your older team members contribute more.

One of the Funniest Things…

Bernie Sanders is a Silver: he is a senior with gas in the tank and fire in the belly. Last week the late night pundits turned their satire to the Democratic debates. Steven Colbert did his imitation of Sanders and expounded on one of the politician’s statements.

He played the clip of Sanders saying, “Companies like Amazon that made billions in profits did not pay one nickel in federal income tax.” Then, continuing as Sanders, Colbert added, “And one nickel is a lot. You can take a streetcar to the Ziegfeld and see a talkie… and still have enough left over for an egg cream at Woolworth’s.”

Like most humor, it is funny because there is a perceived element of truth in it.

It ceases to be as humorous when we realize that some people see us as people living in the past.

Here’s seven things that will not surprise Silvers

  • The demise of Amazon when it goes the way of the Sears and Roebuck Catalog
  • Home solar power becoming prolific as a result of lower prices and nearly undetectable solar panels
  • Smartphones giving way to Superphones that are as proactive as they are reactive
  • A new RFID technology that will cause a gallon of milk to appear at your front door within minutes after you used the last of the previous container
  • Difficulty finding vendors who accept cash, followed by cash being king again
  • Social media giving way to personal (secure) media
  • Magnet prices increasing as new applications are launched; artificial magnets to follow

How do they know? They recognize and respect Cycles, Trends and Fads.