What Could be the World’s Best CRM is Free
and Your Team May Already Be Using It

Regular readers of my newsletters have heard me tout the value of using Outlook as your CRM. A new, valuable resource crossed my tablet and you will want to check it out.

Jason Sele has a number of YouTube videos that are among the best of the best. He recently added a new one: “Top Ten Free Add-Ins for Outlook.” Do yourself and your organization a favor and check it out. It’s a free resource that leads to more free resources.

Here’s the link: Sele Video on Free Outlook Add-Ins

You might want to subscribe to his postings – NOTE: this is the first time I’ve advocated subscribing to a YouTube provider. The next time you’re on YouTube, search for any Office software + Sele (ex: “WORD SELE”) and you will find a rich, valuable library of “Top Ten Tips and Tricks”, “Top Twenty Tips and Tricks,” etc. Amazing stuff.

Disclaimer: I don’t know Jason, he may not like Bluegrass music for all I know, but his work speaks for itself.

There is additional value in having an expert help you maximize the value of Outlook in your organization; I recommend Karla Brandau: www.KarlauBrandau.com

Now, what free resources can you offer to your clients and prospects that will enhance your value to them?

Computers Are Evil

You have probably had that thought a time or two. We cannot live without them, yet there are times we want to trash them.

We are fervently working to have the EXselling content ready for our clients in early 2020. Since multiple programs are involved, we are finding more incompatibilities between the apps than ever before.

When using multiple programs to develop your sales materials, such as your video editor and PowerPoint, here are some tips that may help:

  • Check with the app provider for tutorials and blogs – they can be priceless and many have them.
  • Begin your online search for help using YouTube – most of the tutorials are good; however, some are better than others. As an example, one video showed a seven-step process for correcting a Windows issue while another had a two-step process, and both achieved the same results.
  • Consider the source! Replacing the fog lights on my car (the number one cash crop in Arizona is rocks) would have cost $800 at the dealership and nearly $600 at the local shop because “the front wheels had to be removed so the spoiler could be removed…” a two-hour process. I was able to accomplish the repair in ten minutes and only had to pay for the lights by using the content on three YouTube videos produced by frugal people like me.

DIY In-House Taining

The Three Drivers of Change

Click the link to download some training ideas from the EXselling content.

Coming in 2020

It’s still in beta. It is the next generation sales process – one that will put sales professionals back in control.

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We’ll turn on the lights when it’s ready for you.