No More Video Emails: Important Blended Selling Update

Video Emails On Their Way Out VIDEO EMAIL: A video or other multimedia embedded in the body of an email; not an attachment or a link. A Popular Concept Overused 2019 may see the end of embedded videos in emails. Ironically, it’s because they are becoming increasingly popular – and unprofessional. That’s the bad news; [...]

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How to Use Video In Sales: Part 3

Here are some insights to use video in sales. It is easy to say the wrong thing for the right reason. It is difficult to clean up the resulting mess    How To Say the Right Thing the Right Way Eric Seidel is a media consultant who put Sean Hannity on the air, advises folks like [...]

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How to Use Video in Sales: Part 2

You should use video in sales. Communicate with video - internally and externally - but BEWARE! Video is an increasingly popular media for communicating. It can increase your sales dramatically or drive away your customers. Somewhere between Avatar and YouTube is the sweet spot for your video messaging.   Video is increasing in popularity. It is an effective [...]

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