You Are Probably Having a Greater Impact Than You Think

There Can Be Magic In Your Next Presentation You can file this one under "Old Dogs and New Tricks" Whether you are a CEO, Leader, manager, teacher, parent or professional speaker, you make presentations. Some are more important than others. Some audiences are larger and others more intimate. How can you maximize the impact of your [...]

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A One-Two Punch for Increasing Sales

Try these: a two-step success story. Dave Watt is the sales leader at General Plastics in Tacoma. First of all, you should understand that GP is a sales-focused company. All companies are sales-driven (“Nothing happens until the sale is made”), the rare ones are sales-focused. The entire leadership team participates in every aspect of selling. The Chief, HR, Marketing and [...]

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The Inevitable Evolution of Blended Selling

Think about it. Many other processes have evolved; isn't it time for sales to go to the next level? Some examples: The genesis of Blended Selling was Blended Learning. Once there were three basic ways to learn: books, classroom and conversation. Then audio learning came along: beginning with records (vinyl to anyone under 30), cassette tapes, CDs [...]

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Interview on Texas Business Radio

I was recently featured in an interview on Texas Business Radio's National Advisor Showcase. Check it out: Chuck Reaves - Sales Suites - Texas Business Radio from RREA Media on Vimeo.   Check out more on the topic of training HERE.

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What Media Should You Use?

You have options. Your choice of media will be determined by several factors.  PRINT Click here to listen Yep, books are making a comeback.  A more practical interview with Terry Lents with ideas for using books will come soon. MEDIA Rather than whistle while you work, listen while you work. Have some quality content (audio [...]

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Why Bother With Training?

Why bother with training? What's in it for you? For your team? For the people you mentor? GROWTH "If I always do what I've always done, I'll have less than I've ever had before." Sitting still is not an option. There was a time when change happened slowly enough for some people to "retire in place." No [...]

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How Do You Choose a Training Topic?

How Do You Choose a Training Topic? For personal or corporate success, you have options. Your choice of topics will be determined what you have defined as: YOUR DESIRED OUTCOME.    FINE-TUNE | REDEFINE | STOP THE PRESSES   FINE-TUNE   What are you and/or your team doing well - but need to improve? This is known [...]

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Have Fun With Training

Have fun with your training! GAMES - IMMEDIATE One way to make your session more fun - and more effective - is to include an occasional game. Have fun! "Longest List" and "Most Creative" games are popular. For instance, the game could be, "The longest list of reasons why our customers like us". Another might be, [...]

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