• New Era Ahead

Happy New Era (Not a typo)

Happy New Era! 2020 will not only be more interesting that 2019, it will bring some unique opportunities. Get Ready! In 2019, we addressed the OWM (old, white male) issue several times. Interestingly, every one of the columnists is now engaged in new positions, at higher levels and earnings using their core competencies. Putting [...]

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From Senior to Silver

Some ideas... A new white paper is yours for the clicking. “From Senior to Silver” is a guide for making the transition. If you are a senior (unlikely if you’re a reader of this column), this can help. Better yet, if you know someone who deserves to refocus their lives, pass this on to [...]

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Silvers Sabotaged by Mueller?

At first, Robert Mueller appeared to be a candidate for the cover of Silver Magazine (if there was one). He was the former head of the FBI and was highly respected by most people in Washington. Tall, stately and exuding confidence, he seemed to be the quintessential Silver. Then there was the publicized hearing. [...]

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UPDATE – Special Edition

A New Iteration of a Familiar Story They thought they could Why would educated, landed and influential people risk everything to rebel against the status quo? In the 1700's these people (who happened to be OWMs) came together and formed the society we Appreciate, Enjoy or want to Destroy today. It is happening again [...]

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Not Your First Rodeo?

Cycles | Trends | Fads "I've seen this movie!" Some "new" process comes along and less-experienced folks think it is revolutionary. Silvers know that it is most likely to be a reiteration. More importantly, they have an idea about the eventual outcome. How? Cycles, Trends and Fads Cycles recur, Trends have legs, Fads disappear. [...]

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  • Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance May Be On To Something

You have probably seen the commercials from Farmers Insurance. If not, they highlight some of the most obscure incidents an insurance company would be asked to cover. Such is the value us "Silvers" bring to the table. Many people can manage the typical situations; A different mindset is needed to address the extraordinary situations. [...]

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Turning Silver into Gold

The response to the initial newsletters on the subject of making better use of seasoned professionals has been remarkable. Readers have been sending in statistics, anecdotes and questions that have caused me to rethink the OWM approach. For instance, not only are Old White Men being “dis-considered” for positions, so are mature women [...]

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