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Are You Managing or Supervising Your Salespeople?

Managing vs. Supervising Salespeople are treated differently in most organizations - largely because their roles are unique. No two days are the same, they deal with pressure and rejection and they can feel vulnerable and alone. Their compensation is usually based on their performance. As a result, they may vacillate between euphoria and despair. [...]

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3 Reasons Why Your Salespeople Are Not Selling

There must be an "Encyclopedia of Sales Excuses" for salespeople somewhere because my CEO/CSO clients often ask me the same questions. One of the "Seasonal Reasons Why We Cannot Sell" is: "the customers are on vacation". It is true that it becomes increasingly difficult to schedule time with customers during the summer months. However, for many companies and their salespeople, this [...]

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Mentors, Role Models and Your Success

Two Ways Increase Your Success You are off and running in the New Year. You vow that this year will be better in some way or another. But will it? You are familiar with the old adage about good intentions. Here are two methods that will help you actually make the changes necessary to take your success [...]

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