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EXselling – It’s LIVE and it’s FREE (For a limited time!)

The Next Generation of Value-Added Selling Through Friday, January 10, 2020, you and your team can learn from one of the most important lessons from the EXselling curriculum for free. Supply Chain Selling Simply use the coupon code 2020 at checkout NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED View the free "What is EXselling?" lesson first [...]

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Happy New Era (Not a typo)

Happy New Era! 2020 will not only be more interesting that 2019, it will bring some unique opportunities. Get Ready! In 2019, we addressed the OWM (old, white male) issue several times. Interestingly, every one of the columnists is now engaged in new positions, at higher levels and earnings using their core competencies. Putting [...]

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Shift your August – September Sales Focus

"We are seeing more order cancellations than this time last year." Corporate buyers are more timid. "We are required to give our customers three days to rescind; now nearly half are doing it." Buyer's remorse is on the upswing. "Our customers have started requiring multiple approvals of every PO." Executive oversight is increasing. "Our [...]

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July 1, 2019 – First Day of the Most Important Sales Week of 2019

For: CEOs, CSOs, Sales Leaders and Sales Professionals - This week is critical. Your 2019 results may be heavily impacted by how your sales team performs this week. Here is an eight-minute video that explains why. Here is a list of the links mentioned in the video: Blended Selling: https://chuckreaves.com/blended-selling/ The Nanosecond [...]

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Are You Managing or Supervising Your Salespeople?

Managing vs. Supervising Salespeople are treated differently in most organizations - largely because their roles are unique. No two days are the same, they deal with pressure and rejection and they can feel vulnerable and alone. Their compensation is usually based on their performance. As a result, they may vacillate between euphoria and despair. [...]

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3 Reasons Why Your Salespeople Are Not Selling

There must be an "Encyclopedia of Sales Excuses" for salespeople somewhere because my CEO/CSO clients often ask me the same questions. One of the "Seasonal Reasons Why We Cannot Sell" is: "the customers are on vacation". It is true that it becomes increasingly difficult to schedule time with customers during the summer months. However, for many companies and their salespeople, this [...]

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Mentors, Role Models and Your Success

Two Ways Increase Your Success You are off and running in the New Year. You vow that this year will be better in some way or another. But will it? You are familiar with the old adage about good intentions. Here are two methods that will help you actually make the changes necessary to take your success [...]

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