MYTH: I Know What I Need to Know

MYTH: Since the principles of selling do not change, I know all I need to know. TRUTH: There has been more change in the world of sales in the past nine months than there has been in the past twenty years. And, you ain't seen nothing yet. Cycles, Trends and Fads are about to [...]

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MYTH: When the Customer Sees the Benefits, They will Buy From You

MYTH: When the customer sees the benefits, they will buy from you. TRUTH: When the customer understands the benefits, they will buy from you. "Thoughts always precede actions." A frequent complaint from my clients’ salespeople: “I did a feature-benefit analysis but the customer took my ideas and bought from a lower-priced competitor.” Of course they [...]

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MYTH: Sales Professionals Cause Customers to Buy

MYTH: Salespeople cause customers to buy. TRUTH: Sales professionals cause customers to think. "Thoughts always precede actions." Successful sales professionals change the way their customer or prospecting is thinking. Then, the customer or prospect will buy from them. There are tricks some salespeople use that cause customers to make decisions they later regret. It's called buyer's [...]

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Myth: “We sell a commodity”

There are no commodities. When anyone thinks they have to sell on price because their product or service is just like the competition's, they think they're selling a commodity. Commodities, like Unicorns, do not exist. Take a Lesson From the Humble Apple After all, if there were commodities, an apple would qualify wouldn't it? When [...]

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Myth: Our Product Will Sell Itself

When we hear, "Our product is so good, it will sell itself," red flags go up. This is the most common sales mistake new ventures make. No product will sell itself. One of the favorite aspects of a fireworks show is the bottle rocket. With a burst of sound, it soars into the air and [...]

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Myth: Sales is an Art

Sales is a science! To say sales is an art is incorrect. More evidence has emerged that some of the abilities we have traditionally considered to be art could, in fact, be rendered scientifically. In a recent seminar, one participant adamantly disagreed with the idea that sales was a science. We agreed to disagree. Who's camp [...]

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  • good enough

Myth: Thinking Close Enough is Good Enough

There have been occasions when you were only given a short amount of time to respond to an opportunity. You knew that you could not conduct a full-blown needs analysis, and develop a qualified and quantified solution for the client. However, you went into high gear, used your experience and expertise to quickly address the issue and you closed [...]

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Myth: You Can’t Go Around the Purchasing Agent

I Can't Go Around the Purchasing Agent!  Think again! The two most common objections for being unable to sell on value, rather than price are: "We sell a commodity" "I can't go around the purchasing agent" Actually, these stem from a single source - two sides of the same coin. Professional buyers, like purchasing agents, see all vendors [...]

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