The Power of 3: Part One

Regardless of your profession, The Power of Three can help you. If you interact with people – and who doesn’t? – you will find that using this tool will uncover alternatives you may not have considered, solutions that have eluded you and attract people into your life in new ways. The Basics The Human Mind [...]

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No More Video Emails: Important Blended Selling Update

Video Emails On Their Way Out VIDEO EMAIL: A video or other multimedia embedded in the body of an email; not an attachment or a link. A Popular Concept Overused 2019 may see the end of embedded videos in emails. Ironically, it’s because they are becoming increasingly popular – and unprofessional. That’s the bad news; [...]

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A Surprising Sales Strategy for 2019

It is happening throughout the North American culture. It is the result of prolonged approaches that are being increasingly resisted. Some of the Generally Accepted Sales Practices (GASP) of value-added selling support it. The amazingly powerful approach for 2019 is humility. If you are familiar with the Pendulum Theory, this is obvious. Our culture is [...]

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A New Year, A New Underclass

You Are Either in the New Underclass or You Know Someone Who Is Your Employee? | Your Boss? | Your Spouse? | Your Friend? January Some folks got together and decided to create a new calendar - one that would be accepted all over the world. They decided that the first month would be named [...]

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You Are Probably Having a Greater Impact Than You Think

There Can Be Magic In Your Next Presentation You can file this one under "Old Dogs and New Tricks" Whether you are a CEO, Leader, manager, teacher, parent or professional speaker, you make presentations. Some are more important than others. Some audiences are larger and others more intimate. How can you maximize the impact of your [...]

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Interview on Texas Business Radio

I was recently featured in an interview on Texas Business Radio's National Advisor Showcase. Check it out: Chuck Reaves - Sales Suites - Texas Business Radio from RREA Media on Vimeo.   Check out more on the topic of training HERE.

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Never Say “My Pleasure”

Your pleasure? Really? Imagine this: you have a day off. There's nothing on your calendar. You have a few dollars in your pocket, so you decide to do something that's going to bring you great pleasure. Would you... A.  Spend time with family and friends? B.  Go outdoors or somewhere you don't normally have time [...]

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Personal and Professional Content Marketing

Digital resume? Digital introduction? Client Updates? Content Marketing has actually been around for a long time, but it is gaining in popularity, especially with the use of technology. Content marketing means we give the customers something of value rather than just information about our organization, just a product demo; we give them something of value. [...]

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Resolution or Revolution?

Revolution: A pivotal point in time when significant change occurs.  This is the time of year when we set New Year's resolutions. Some of them sound familiar - they are similar or even the same as previous ones. When we go to the gym this month we will need to allow some extra time, won't we? There [...]

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