You Are Probably Having a Greater Impact Than You Think

There Can Be Magic In Your Next Presentation You can file this one under "Old Dogs and New Tricks" Whether you are a CEO, Leader, manager, teacher, parent or professional speaker, you make presentations. Some are more important than others. Some audiences are larger and others more intimate. How can you maximize the impact of your [...]

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Never Say “My Pleasure”

Your pleasure? Really? Imagine this: you have a day off. There's nothing on your calendar. You have a few dollars in your pocket, so you decide to do something that's going to bring you great pleasure. Would you... A.  Spend time with family and friends? B.  Go outdoors or somewhere you don't normally have time [...]

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Personal and Professional Content Marketing

Digital resume? Digital introduction? Client Updates? Content Marketing has actually been around for a long time, but it is gaining in popularity, especially with the use of technology. Content marketing means we give the customers something of value rather than just information about our organization, just a product demo; we give them something of value. [...]

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Resolution or Revolution?

Revolution: A pivotal point in time when significant change occurs.  This is the time of year when we set New Year's resolutions. Some of them sound familiar - they are similar or even the same as previous ones. When we go to the gym this month we will need to allow some extra time, won't we? There [...]

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Customer Relationship Management Software

Should you and/or your organization be using a CRM? A Customer/Client Relationship Management program is often the difference between success and mega-success in sales. How do you choose a Customer Relationship Management software? How do you encourage people to use it? In this video, Chuck addresses theses questions: You can view more lessons Here.

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There is No Such Thing as Commodity

There is no such thing as commodity. Some distributors and channel partners think that because they represent the same products and services as others they must sell on price. Here is a video that can generate conversations inside your organization to change the way you think about your offerings. You can view more lessons Here. [...]

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  • bake a sale

How to Bake a Sale

Sales is a science. Successful selling requires us to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason. As with other sciences, following a formal process usually leads to the best results. A Sales Process Methodology, SPM, is the sales version of a roadmap or a recipe. With a map, you begin [...]

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  • VAR disruptions

Voice Activation and Response (VAR)

Is your web site ready for users to simply use their voices to navigate it? Neither is mine. Voice activation and response (VAR) will replace video as a tool for higher Google rankings sooner than we like to think. You can read the research, or use these two indicators: A YouTube video of Scott Galloway [...]

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  • Open letter to Ken Burns

An Open Letter to Ken Burns and the NFL

Ken Burns and the NFL: As a decorated Vietnam Veteran, people have asked me about Ken Burns’ documentary, “The Vietnam War”. The men usually ask what I think about it while the women typically ask how I feel about it. Perhaps the latter approach is the best. I feel proudly and gratefully disgusted. Disgust The [...]

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