July 1, 2019 – First Day of the Most Important Sales Week of 2019

For: CEOs, CSOs, Sales Leaders and Sales Professionals - This week is critical. Your 2019 results may be heavily impacted by how your sales team performs this week. Here is an eight-minute video that explains why. Here is a list of the links mentioned in the video: Blended Selling: https://chuckreaves.com/blended-selling/ The Nanosecond [...]

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Your CSO Message

The CSO role is becoming more sophisticated, more beneficial and more complex. The role of Chief Sales Officer has moved to the next level: from non-existent to overwhelmed. Are you finding yourself overwhelmed with the complexities and decisions for maximizing your sales effectiveness? Fortune 500 and midmarket organizations who are utilizing this management position are learning two important things: [...]

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