July 1, 2019 – First Day of the Most Important Sales Week of 2019

For: CEOs, CSOs, Sales Leaders and Sales Professionals - This week is critical. Your 2019 results may be heavily impacted by how your sales team performs this week. Here is an eight-minute video that explains why. Here is a list of the links mentioned in the video: Blended Selling: https://chuckreaves.com/blended-selling/ The Nanosecond [...]

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Good News: TV Commercials Are Shrinking Bad News: There Will Be More of Them

Nielsen reported that in the first six months of 2017, for the first time, less than half of the television commercials you and I were exposed to lasted thirty seconds. Almost as many were fifteen seconds in length. Meanwhile, the fastest-growing category is the ten-second commercial. In ten seconds the advertiser must create interest, show [...]

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More Disruption: Starbucks and Toys “R” Us

Can You Believe this? More disruption! Those of us in the B2B world need to pay attention as the battle for customer engagement at retail continues.  We have a lot to learn and to prepare for. The key word here is "engagement". The changes in retail selling have traditionally impacted B2B selling. This time it may be [...]

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Disruption: Who’s Your Competition?

Is disruption coming to your company? What Is It? Disruption is revolution, not evolution. Disruptions appear quickly, often catch some people off guard and can create as many opportunities as it does casualties. EXAMPLE: The Smartphone CONTEST: How many industries have been disrupted by the smartphone?How many companies within those industries have been disrupted? Send [...]

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