Sometimes these two words can be misleading.

As the amount of research being published about how our brains work – and do not work – increases, we learn that we know less about it than other parts of our bodies. In fact, if you did nothing else but read the research papers being released every week, you would have time for nothing else.

Think of your brain as a computer and your mind as the programs you have loaded into your brain. Unlike your laptop, tablet or desktop, these programs cannot be erased. Fortunately, they can be updated. You could, of course, choose to use another program or keep using the older version. It is up to you. (Updating is better.)

Your mental computer will continue run factory-installed programs in the background like the pulmonary, cardiac and visual programs. The mental programs you have loaded into your computer will continue to run as well – unless you disable them by focusing on a new approach.

Most of us need to update many of our mental programs. Some are obsolete, some no longer run on our platform and some were inappropriate when we installed them.

Now is the time for you to begin determining which of those “mental programs” you need to update first. Install them now and become familiar with them before you begin the new year.

The fourth quarter is typically not the best time to begin this process. Waiting until 1Q20 is delaying too long.

Here are the latest versions of some “mental program updates” for you to consider:

Self-Image 2020.0 Is it time for you to reassess yourself and find resources and mentors that can help? Nobody knows you as well as you know yourself; be brutally honest.

Change 2020.0 Whatever changes you resist most are probably the ones you will want to consider addressing.

Accomplishment 2020.0 How do your plans for 2020 differ from what you accomplished in 2019? What other knowledge and skills will you need?

Mentoring 2020.0 Who could benefit from your knowledge and experience?

A Personal CRM?

When I was developing some software years ago, one of the original developers of Excel gave me some good advice. “There is no one on the planet who knows the full capability of Excel.”

The same is true for every other MS Office program. A CEO recently asked what presentation software I was using. When I answered, “PowerPoint.” She responded, “PowerPoint won’t do that!”

It will – and it does. (One of the services we offer now is creating interactive, multimedia PPTX materials.)

You may have more capability in your possession than you realize. As you update your mental programs, check and see how your current computer programs can help.

The most overlooked and underrated MS Office program is Outlook. It can replace the need for CRMs. Consider how Outlook can help you achieve your outlook for your 2020 success, especially if you are in sales.

If you use a CRM at work, why not use the CRM features in Outlook to drive and manage your personal life?

My Go-To Person for OUTLOOK

My go-to person for “all things Outlook” is Karla Brandau who has recently added some sales-focused content on her site.

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