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Interview on Texas Business Radio

I was recently featured on Texas Business Radio's National Advisor Showcase. Check it out: Chuck Reaves - Sales Suites - Texas Business Radio from RREA Media on Vimeo.   Check out more on the topic [...]

Never Say “My Pleasure”

Your pleasure? Really? Imagine this: you have a day off. There's nothing on your calendar. You have a few dollars in your pocket, so you decide to do something that's going to bring you great [...]

Personal and Professional Content Marketing

Digital resume? Digital introduction? Client Updates? Content Marketing has actually been around for a long time, but it is gaining in popularity, especially with the use of technology. Content marketing means we give the customers [...]

Resolution or Revolution?

Revolution: A pivotal point in time when significant change occurs.  This is the time of year when we set New Year's resolutions. Some of them sound familiar - they are similar or even the same as previous [...]

Customer Relationship Management Software

Should you and/or your organization be using a CRM? A Customer/Client Relationship Management program is often the difference between success and mega-success in sales. How do you choose a Customer Relationship Management software? How do [...]

There is No Such Thing as Commodity

There is no such thing as commodity. Some distributors and channel partners think that because they represent the same products and services as others they must sell on price. Here is a video that can [...]

  • bake a sale

How to Bake a Sale

Sales is a science. Successful selling requires us to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason. As with other sciences, following a formal process usually leads to the best results. [...]

  • VAR disruptions

Voice Activation and Response (VAR)

Is your web site ready for users to simply use their voices to navigate it? Neither is mine. Voice activation and response (VAR) will replace video as a tool for higher Google rankings sooner than [...]

  • more disruption

More Disruption: Starbucks and Toys “R” Us

Can You Believe this? More disruption! Those of us in the B2B world need to pay attention as the battle for customer engagement at retail continues.  We have a lot to learn and to prepare for. The [...]

  • Open letter to Ken Burns

An Open Letter to Ken Burns and the NFL

Ken Burns and the NFL: As a decorated Vietnam Veteran, people have asked me about Ken Burns’ documentary, “The Vietnam War”. The men usually ask what I think about it while the women typically ask [...]

  • disruption

Disruption: Who’s Your Competition?

Is disruption coming to your company? What Is It? Disruption is revolution, not evolution. Disruptions appear quickly, often catch some people off guard and can create as many opportunities as it does casualties. EXAMPLE: The [...]

  • portal

Our New e-Learning Portal is Live!

We are proud to announce that the new, advanced and improved e-Learning portal is live ready to help you and your team take your sales to the next level. Want to learn more about what [...]

  • Hurricane Harvey

What Did Hurricane Harvey Teach Us?

What did Hurricane Harvey teach us? Once again we have been reminded that most people are good if we just look past their superficial representation, their "crust". Hurricane Harvey in Houston provided us with nonstop images [...]