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  • bake a sale

How to Bake a Sale

Sales is a science. Successful selling requires us to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason. As with other sciences, following a formal process usually leads to the best results. A Sales Process Methodology, SPM, is the sales version of a roadmap or a recipe. With a map, you begin [...]

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  • VAR disruptions

Voice Activation and Response (VAR)

Is your web site ready for users to simply use their voices to navigate it? Neither is mine. Voice activation and response (VAR) will replace video as a tool for higher Google rankings sooner than we like to think. You can read the research, or use these two indicators: A YouTube video of Scott Galloway [...]

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  • 4-star general

Watch a 4-Star General Sell President Trump

Body language can mean many things whether you are the buyer or the seller. A remarkable example will be on the cable news networks tonight. It will probably not air again after tonight. Watch a 4-star general sell President Trump. SELLER: President Donald Trump BUYER: Gen. John Kelly (Ret), Chief of Staff and a 4-star general Here is the scenario. [...]

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  • salespeople

3 Reasons Why Your Salespeople Are Not Selling

There must be an "Encyclopedia of Sales Excuses" for salespeople somewhere because my CEO/CSO clients often ask me the same questions. One of the "Seasonal Reasons Why We Cannot Sell" is: "the customers are on vacation". It is true that it becomes increasingly difficult to schedule time with customers during the summer months. However, for many companies and their salespeople, this [...]

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  • media

What Media Should You Use?

You have options. Your choice of media will be determined by several factors.  PRINT Click here to listen Yep, books are making a comeback.  A more practical interview with Terry Lents with ideas for using books will come soon. MEDIA Rather than whistle while you work, listen while you work. Have some quality content (audio [...]

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Introducing DIY Success

Change is happening faster than ever. The way you learn and the way you develop the people who report to you continues to change.   The primary drivers of change:   DEMOGRAPHICS | TECHNOLOGY | PROCESS   DEMOGRAPHICS As your workforce continues to evolve, you and your team need to find better, faster and more [...]

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  • why bother

Why Bother With Training?

Why bother with training? What's in it for you? For your team? For the people you mentor? GROWTH "If I always do what I've always done, I'll have less than I've ever had before." Sitting still is not an option. There was a time when change happened slowly enough for some people to "retire in place." No [...]

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  • training topic

How Do You Choose a Training Topic?

How Do You Choose a Training Topic? For personal or corporate success, you have options. Your choice of topics will be determined what you have defined as: YOUR DESIRED OUTCOME.    FINE-TUNE | REDEFINE | STOP THE PRESSES   FINE-TUNE   What are you and/or your team doing well - but need to improve? This is known [...]

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  • have fun

Have Fun With Training

Have fun with your training! GAMES - IMMEDIATE One way to make your session more fun - and more effective - is to include an occasional game. Have fun! "Longest List" and "Most Creative" games are popular. For instance, the game could be, "The longest list of reasons why our customers like us". Another might be, [...]

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  • Vistage

Retaining Vistage Members

How Can You Prevent Your Hard-earned Members From Dropping Out?   Many Chairs find recruiting to be difficult; attrition starts the recruiting process all over again Why Members Leave Essentially, there is only one reason why Members leave their Vistage group: they no longer find it to be valuable. "Valuable" is a determination that is made [...]

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