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UPDATE – Special Edition

A New Iteration of a Familiar Story They thought they could Why would educated, landed and influential people risk everything to rebel against the status quo? In the 1700's these people (who happened to be OWMs) came together and formed the society we Appreciate, Enjoy or want to Destroy today. It is happening again [...]

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Innovation and Creativity Start at the Edge | Jerry M. Striplin

Today is 26 April 2019. As I sit here in Kabul, I think about the innovation and creativity required to move this great nation through another period of change. These next few weeks mark significant days in the history of Afghanistan. Mujahedin Victory Day is on the 28th the Loya Jirga will occur on April [...]

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Not Your First Rodeo?

Cycles | Trends | Fads "I've seen this movie!" Some "new" process comes along and less-experienced folks think it is revolutionary. Silvers know that it is most likely to be a reiteration. More importantly, they have an idea about the eventual outcome. How? Cycles, Trends and Fads Cycles recur, Trends have legs, Fads disappear. [...]

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Are You Managing or Supervising Your Salespeople?

Managing vs. Supervising Salespeople are treated differently in most organizations - largely because their roles are unique. No two days are the same, they deal with pressure and rejection and they can feel vulnerable and alone. Their compensation is usually based on their performance. As a result, they may vacillate between euphoria and despair. [...]

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Farmers Insurance May Be On To Something

You have probably seen the commercials from Farmers Insurance. If not, they highlight some of the most obscure incidents an insurance company would be asked to cover. Such is the value us "Silvers" bring to the table. Many people can manage the typical situations; A different mindset is needed to address the extraordinary situations. [...]

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The Power of 3: Part One

Regardless of your profession, The Power of Three can help you. If you interact with people – and who doesn’t? – you will find that using this tool will uncover alternatives you may not have considered, solutions that have eluded you and attract people into your life in new ways. The Basics The Human Mind [...]

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SILVERs Columns: Jerry Striplin

Chuck’s Note: Jerry Striplin and I were entry-level technicians at AT&T when it was the largest corporation in the world. We were both inspired by some OWMs to move up and out, even though we may have been some of their best workers. We both escaped through Sales and, as you will read, he continues [...]

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Turning Silver into Gold

The response to the initial newsletters on the subject of making better use of seasoned professionals has been remarkable. Readers have been sending in statistics, anecdotes and questions that have caused me to rethink the OWM approach. For instance, not only are Old White Men being “dis-considered” for positions, so are mature women [...]

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