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You Are Probably Having a Greater Impact Than You Think

There Can Be Magic In Your Next Presentation You can file this one under "Old Dogs and New Tricks" Whether you are a CEO, Leader, manager, teacher, parent or professional speaker, you make presentations. Some are more important than others. Some audiences are larger and others more intimate. How can you maximize the impact of your [...]

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A One-Two Punch for Increasing Sales

Try these: a two-step success story. Dave Watt is the sales leader at General Plastics in Tacoma. First of all, you should understand that GP is a sales-focused company. All companies are sales-driven (“Nothing happens until the sale is made”), the rare ones are sales-focused. The entire leadership team participates in every aspect of selling. The Chief, HR, Marketing and [...]

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MYTH: When the Customer Sees the Benefits, They will Buy From You

MYTH: When the customer sees the benefits, they will buy from you. TRUTH: When the customer understands the benefits, they will buy from you. "Thoughts always precede actions." A frequent complaint from my clients’ salespeople: “I did a feature-benefit analysis but the customer took my ideas and bought from a lower-priced competitor.” Of course they [...]

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MYTH: Sales Professionals Cause Customers to Buy

MYTH: Salespeople cause customers to buy. TRUTH: Sales professionals cause customers to think. "Thoughts always precede actions." Successful sales professionals change the way their customer or prospecting is thinking. Then, the customer or prospect will buy from them. There are tricks some salespeople use that cause customers to make decisions they later regret. It's called buyer's [...]

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The Inevitable Evolution of Blended Selling

Think about it. Many other processes have evolved; isn't it time for sales to go to the next level? Some examples: The genesis of Blended Selling was Blended Learning. Once there were three basic ways to learn: books, classroom and conversation. Then audio learning came along: beginning with records (vinyl to anyone under 30), cassette tapes, CDs [...]

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  • Sow a Seed Pat Alger

Sow a Seed: Pat Alger

We were not cool. In high school, being cool is important. We weren’t. Pat Alger was a skinny, red-headed kid from the wrong side of the tracks and with no father around. So he had at least three strikes against him that kept him out of the cool kids’ clique. I had just moved there [...]

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Never Say “My Pleasure”

Your pleasure? Really? Imagine this: you have a day off. There's nothing on your calendar. You have a few dollars in your pocket, so you decide to do something that's going to bring you great pleasure. Would you... A.  Spend time with family and friends? B.  Go outdoors or somewhere you don't normally have time [...]

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