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Shift your August – September Sales Focus

"We are seeing more order cancellations than this time last year." Corporate buyers are more timid. "We are required to give our customers three days to rescind; now nearly half are doing it." Buyer's remorse is on the upswing. "Our customers have started requiring multiple approvals of every PO." Executive oversight is increasing. "Our [...]

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From Senior to Silver

Some ideas... A new white paper is yours for the clicking. “From Senior to Silver” is a guide for making the transition. If you are a senior (unlikely if you’re a reader of this column), this can help. Better yet, if you know someone who deserves to refocus their lives, pass this on to [...]

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Silvers Sabotaged by Mueller?

At first, Robert Mueller appeared to be a candidate for the cover of Silver Magazine (if there was one). He was the former head of the FBI and was highly respected by most people in Washington. Tall, stately and exuding confidence, he seemed to be the quintessential Silver. Then there was the publicized hearing. [...]

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July 1, 2019 – First Day of the Most Important Sales Week of 2019

For: CEOs, CSOs, Sales Leaders and Sales Professionals - This week is critical. Your 2019 results may be heavily impacted by how your sales team performs this week. Here is an eight-minute video that explains why. Here is a list of the links mentioned in the video: Blended Selling: https://chuckreaves.com/blended-selling/ The Nanosecond [...]

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UPDATE – Special Edition

A New Iteration of a Familiar Story They thought they could Why would educated, landed and influential people risk everything to rebel against the status quo? In the 1700's these people (who happened to be OWMs) came together and formed the society we Appreciate, Enjoy or want to Destroy today. It is happening again [...]

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