Add Value to Your Association Members
with High-Level Sales Training

In today’s competitive business world, professional associations need to offer value to their member base to retain and grow their membership. Offering educational opportunities is the ideal solution for such value-added offerings.

How training brings value to associations

Professional education programs increase value for association members by offering the following benefits:

  1. Access to timely and relevant industry information
  2. Professional development or certification programs to enhance career prospects
  3. On-demand access to support or resources for day-to-day activities
  4. Opportunities to connect and network with peers and subject matter experts

Services available to associations

My services include targeted presentations to association members, training and consultation, and on-demand e-learning. All services are designed with the same goal in mind: providing members with new concepts to attract and maintain customers. Having a variety of training opportunities to offer your members will add value to your association and make you stand out from the pack.

Earn potential ongoing revenue for your association

In addition, I offer a revenue share opportunity to associations who offer my services to their members, which can provide a valuable revenue source for the association.

Why Chuck Reaves for your association?

As a seasoned sales professional, I’ve conducted high level sales training for years; over 5,000 audiences to date! I’ve earned the Certified Speaking designation by the National Speakers’ Association and have been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. I’ve given more than 1,000 Vistage presentations; an organization known for its high caliber membership.

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