Managing vs. Supervising

Salespeople are treated differently in most organizations – largely because their roles are unique. No two days are the same, they deal with pressure and rejection and they can feel vulnerable and alone.

Their compensation is usually based on their performance. As a result, they may vacillate between euphoria and despair.

While most employees have a supervisor, salespeople usually do not. How often are your customer-facing people alone when visiting or talking to your customers?

Pre-call planning is a necessary beginning and a post-call critique can review the results. But what happens in between those two events is critical – and usually unsupervised.

The Sales Hierarchy

CEO: Corporate Visionary – sets direction
CSO: Strategist – develops sales strategies to support the corporate vision
Sales VP/Manager: Tactician – develops the necessary tactics to support the strategies
Sales Supervisor – ???
Sales Professional: Task level- where the sales actually happen.

Sales management creates a professional and supportive selling environment. It does not create sales; that happens at the task level, the sales position.

Like any of us, performance can be enhanced when there is supervision.

Sales supervision is usually accomplished by implementing a sales process methodology, SPM.


Of course I recommend the P.L.U.S.H. Sales Process Methodology. Learn to use it and to teach it today by clicking on the image above.

Like Baking a Cake

The similarities between managing versus supervising a sales team and baking a cake are interesting. For the article – including the simple comparison chart, click on the cake.

This is an effective way to help explain the various sales roles in your organization.

So, sales management and sales supervision are both necessary. And so is the strategic level, the role of the CSO. In most organizations, leaders can wear many different hats. As long as all of the functions are covered, additional headcount may not be necessary.

For Business Leaders

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  • After we hung up from the call, the client’s internal dialog created an epiphany, which generated excitement and a plan for expanding into a new market.

* This idea is now useful for churches as well!

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