“9 to 15 Million Jobs Will Be Lost to AI”
Some experts predict 40% of all jobs will be lost to AI
How to prevent yours from being one of them

Is AI the Future of Sales?


Each year we run a column following the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and highlight what technologies can make salespeople and sales leaders more effective.There was not much this year except for robots and

Artificial Intelligence, AI.

The 2019 CES

There were not a lot of exciting innovations for salespeople, entrepreneurs and businesses. Some exceptions:

  • Intel introduced their 9th generation chip, so if you’re considering upgrading your desktops, factor this in. It will be fast – very fast – and it will make the 7th and 8th generation chips more affordable.
  • 8k Video, can be a game changer if video is one of your primary products or tools.
  • 5Ge may struggle like the newest iPhone; pay attention.

There was a new smart toilet, a monitor to tell parents when the baby had pooped in their diaper and some technology that allows cars to talk to each other.

The hottest focus is on robotics and artificial intelligence, AI. Can it make your position obsolete?

AI is No Match for Critical Thinking, CT

Should schoolchildren be required to learn the state capitols?AI Old patterns
Questions like this are at the heart of the Critical Thinking discussion.

If information is readily available on a device, like a watch, is it essential that it be committed to memory?

For anyone in the political arena, knowing the State Capitols might be important. For the rest of us, including you, what is the best way for you to use your mental horsepower and capacity?

Information Processing – the ability to use available knowledge – is where the real value is today.

Demonstrate how you can use your experience (your past) in your current position (your present) to make the future better for yourself and others.

The graphic above was chosen for three specific reasons:
Use Technology
Do not fight it; embrace it. If you are not already using a CRM, start. now. New technologies are here that require or build on CRM capabilities. Be selective and purposeful. Don’t chase after every “pretty face” or “next new thing” unless it will positively impact you, your customers or both.
Use Your Mind
Sales leaders: ask yourself every day: “Who else?” and “What else?” could we address?”
Sales Professionals: Change something small every day and something significant every week. Some of your new ideas may not work out but many of them will.
Break Old Patterns
The number one attribute of human nature is habitual behavior. Habits are, by themselves, neither good nor bad, they are simply conditioned behaviors. Identify the ones that are taking you forward and improve on them. Force yourself to stop doing the other ones.
For Business Leaders
Chuck can help you refine, redefine or overhaul your 2019 sales plans. Onsite or with a conference call, this can prove to be one of your best investments this year.
Results (ROI) from recent one-hour conference calls:
  • One idea emerged that created a new differentiation for a market leader who was being challenged with me-too start-ups. The differentiation is morphing into a new line extension*.
  • After we hung up from the call, the client’s internal dialog created an epiphany, which generated excitement and a plan for expanding into a new market.
* This idea is now useful for churches!

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Remember, I do not have answers, I have ideas. When we share ideas, new ideas emerge. That’s where the real value is found. – Chuck