About Chuck

When customers know the right thing to do, they do the right thing. If buying from you is the right thing for them to do and yet they buy from your competitor, what is the only explanation? Ignorance. They were not taught.

Will a value-added approach to sales help your organization? Your ability to overcome or eliminate the price objections can make the difference in a good year and a great one. Here is a single source for your speaking, training, consulting and technology needs. From keynotes to e-learning, you will have a professional, consistent message for your sales team.


Many new processes and technologies are impacting the way we sell now. Chuck can help you with Kaizen (Lean) for Sales, Chief Sales Officer curriculum, Supply Chain Selling, as well as the traditional aspects of professional sales: Sales Skills, Sales Management, Sales Leadership, Customer Service as a Profit Center, Compensation, organization and more.