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You have about 90 critical days to see if your organization will pass or fail this year’s “sales course”. Do you want your final grade to be 100? Or, will just getting by at 70% be okay?

The prognosticators that we trust are the ones who use sophisticated data bases and not anecdotal indicators. They are showing a general slowing in the fourth quarter followed by more significant stagnation in key sectors in 1Q20. The largest hits will be in the EU and that will have a more significant impact on domestic-only businesses than might be seen on the surface. Inflation will rear its head again due to weather-related food price increases. Diminished crop production will also impact raw material costs in numerous categories.

This is why we have been stressing doing any anticipated price increases now. There will be stiff resistance to any value-based sales propositions as the year ends. Maintaining your price points will be tougher; raising them may be a non-starter.

Small-to-Medium Businesses are already feeling the pinch; are they the canaries in the coal mine?

Small-to-Medium Businesses are taking the first hit. Larger corporations with deeper benches and reserves may see their numbers softening. We’ve had numerous inquiries from SMBs whose margins were thin and are getting thinner. Regrettably, bringing in the necessary resources to manage their sales situation can be beyond their budgets, especially when the principals are forgoing their salaries.

Special Program for SMBs

For the month of September, I will be offering a few slots for a “Back-To-Schooling” SMB Course.

Here are the details:

  • Your revenues cannot exceed $10,000,000
  • Maximum of ten participants
  • A full day of sales training and development
  • Up to ten computer-generated sales development plans
  • One hour per month of telephone consulting until EOY 2019


  • $5,000 plus a negotiated commission on 4Q sales not already in your pipeline
  • Includes ALL TRAVEL, materials and follow-up

If you are interested, email me and I will do an initial needs analysis. If I think I can help, we can chat. – Chuck