“The single, most important function of sales is to teach.” ~Chuckism #12

When customers know the right thing to do, they do the right thing. If buying from you is the right thing for them to do and yet they buy from your competitor, what is the only explanation? Ignorance. They were not taught.

Will a value-added approach to sales help your organization? Your ability to overcome or eliminate the price objections can make the difference in a good year and a great one. Here is a single source for your speaking, training, consulting and technology needs. From keynotes to e-learning, you will have a professional, consistent message for your sales team.


Many new processes and technologies are impacting the way we sell now. Chuck can help you with Kaizen (Lean) for Sales, Chief Sales Officer curriculum, Supply Chain Selling, as well as the traditional aspects of professional sales: Sales Skills, Sales Management, Sales Leadership, Customer Service as a Profit Center, Compensation, organization and more.

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“Yesterday I could not write a winning proposal. Today I feel like I could sell anything.”

“Chuck’s ideas have made me a rich man. We increased our average sale from $3,600 to $145,000 in nineteen months.”

“Chuck was a fantastic speaker. I enjoyed the content and look forward to implement this info into my daily activities.”

“Chuck was meticulous in his presentation for the program and demonstrated that as well. Very professionally and well delivered content.”

“Chuck was very informative and inspiring on topic that is not only valuable in business but in life itself. Never give up! The person that asks the questions controls the conversation. Every customer we have knows a customer we could have… ask for a Referral.”

“Tons of usable context… I really enjoyed and came away with so many ideas to implement.”

“Great speaker. Presented material well.”

“I really liked Chuck, he kept my interest the entire time. A lot of good information, I would recommend to anyone that it would be worth their time to listen to him.”

“Great presentation, covered a lot of ground regarding selling. Took away a lot of notes and things to look into.”

“Best speaker we have had in awhile. Great information.”

“Chuck was very engaging and entertaining. It kept the presentation fun and kept my interest up.”

“I loved the content and think it would be valuable to have him come to our national sales meeting.”

“I do not complete these surveys on a normal basis, but I felt compelled to do so. Chuck was terrific, and in my opinion he was the best we’ve had in my time as a Vistage member since Oct. 2013. Chuck was very generous in outlining his sales strategy. He taught it in an entertaining manner with terrific stories and good humor and energy.”

“Chuck did a great job. I appreciate his wit and candor.”

“Chuck was an amazing speaker. He was entertaining as well as knowledgeable. His message was fantastic and he was truly phenomenal.”

“Chuck was extremely relatable. His stories illustrated his points well. He was comfortable in the room and connected with the audience. The information he presented is simple but will provide a huge impact. It’s a skill that will accelerate our growth through the improved relationships that we will experience internally and externally.”

“Chuck was very relatable, and humorous. He explained things in ways that can be applied across all areas of the business. Even though we were looking at selling and customer service, you could apply the same tips to all other areas of the business.”

“I really like hearing the personal stories that support the points he was making.”

“Very well delivered with real-world examples and ways to execute. Chuck was great!”

“Chuck was amazing – he content was wonderful. It was very clear he is a professional and was so flexible and with it. Highly recommended.”


“Speaker was top notch! Did a great job with interaction and keeping everyone engaged.”

“One of the best I have had the privilege of attending.”

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“In the history of recorded time, no customer has ever said, ‘Your price is too high,’ and meant it.” ~ Chuckism #6


Before selecting a speaker – or even a type of speaker – begin with outcome. Your first decision needs to be:

“What do we want the attendees to do as a result of this meeting?

Do you need for your speaker to deliver high content or high entertainment?

For instance, when I speak to an audience of CEOs or business owners, the presentation is primarily content-focused. When I deliver a motivational talk, the presentation is primarily entertainment-driven with key, salient points included. Almost everyone likes to be entertained; so every presentation includes humor, stories and “gotcha'” moments.

Do you want your attendees to

  • Do something new?
  • Do something differently?
  • Stop doing something?

Decide what your optimum outcome would be for your time and resource investment in your meeting and then choose your speakers.

To watch demo videos of Chuck speaking live, CLICK HERE.


Sales development is a process, not an event. Sales training is never complete. Customers change, competitors change, technologies change, demographics change – so how can we continue to sell the same old way and still succeed?

“If I always do what I’ve always done, I’ll have less than I’ve ever had before.”

Sales development begins at the top with the way your sales team is organized, compensated and motivated. Chuck can help you fine-tune or even redefine your sales model. Then, he will develop a sales training program that meets your objectives and your budget. 

Chuck works with CEOs, CSOs, Sales Leaders, salespeople and customer service employees. He offers Blended Learning for your training which includes:

  • Classroom: Half-day to multiple days and multiple events. Can include your proprietary Sales Handbook, lecture, case studies, role play and other exercises.
  • e-Learning: Chuck has been pioneering e-learning since 2004 and has just launched the brand new version which utilizes the latest in e-learning technology, psychology and delivery and includes performance reporting to your sales leader.
  • Webinars: Audio and video webinars will help keep your people on track and address new issues.
  • Audio: Your salespeople can benefit from using the audio tracks in their cars and while they work to reinforce their training.


The science of online learning, web-based learning – both known as “e-Learning” is growing and evolving. Different demographics prefer to learn differently. Some companies rely almost solely on e-learning now because of the many benefits it offers, which include:

  • Learn any time from any where
  • Training can be made available immediately
  • Training can include quizzing
  • Reporting options are available to managers to track how salespeople are utilizing the training

Some organizations find it beneficial to build e-learning training for their customers.

Combining e-learning with classroom, webinars and other types of learning increases retention and application.

Chuck has been a pioneer in professional e-learning for many years and continuously updates his content and the delivery technology.


VALUE ADDED SELLING – Five levels, forty hours of content

MOTIVATION FOR SEASONED SALES PROFESSIONALS – Based on Chuck’s Vietnam and corporate experiences

CUSTOMER SERVICING – Making customer service a profit center

CHANGE – There has been more change in the profession of sales in the past few months than in the past twenty years

LEADERSHIP – Primarily sales strategies, tactics, compensation

Presentations are designed to meet your desired outcomes: for the Organization, for the Attendees and for the Meeting Planner.



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