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  • commercials

Good News: TV Commercials Are Shrinking Bad News: There Will Be More of Them

Nielsen reported that in the first six months of 2017, for the first time, less than half of the television commercials you and I were exposed to lasted thirty seconds. Almost as many were fifteen [...]

  • more disruption

More Disruption: Starbucks and Toys “R” Us

Can You Believe this? More disruption! Those of us in the B2B world need to pay attention as the battle for customer engagement at retail continues.  We have a lot to learn and to prepare for. The [...]

  • Open letter to Ken Burns

An Open Letter to Ken Burns and the NFL

Ken Burns and the NFL: As a decorated Vietnam Veteran, people have asked me about Ken Burns’ documentary, “The Vietnam War”. The men usually ask what I think about it while the women typically ask [...]

  • disruption

Disruption: Who’s Your Competition?

Is disruption coming to your company? What Is It? Disruption is revolution, not evolution. Disruptions appear quickly, often catch some people off guard and can create as many opportunities as it does casualties. EXAMPLE: The [...]

  • portal

Our New e-Learning Portal is Live!

We are proud to announce that the new, advanced and improved e-Learning portal is live ready to help you and your team take your sales to the next level. Want to learn more about what [...]

  • Hurricane Harvey

What Did Hurricane Harvey Teach Us?

What did Hurricane Harvey teach us? Once again we have been reminded that most people are good if we just look past their superficial representation, their "crust". Hurricane Harvey in Houston provided us with nonstop images [...]

  • seeking agent

Seeking Agent for a New Project

What time is it? Seriously, according to your watch, this device or a nearby clock, what time is it right now for you? What time did you wake up this morning? The number of hours [...]

  • 4-star general

Watch a 4-Star General Sell President Trump

Body language can mean many things whether you are the buyer or the seller. A remarkable example will be on the cable news networks tonight. It will probably not air again after tonight. Watch a [...]

  • salespeople

3 Reasons Why Your Salespeople Are Not Selling

There must be an "Encyclopedia of Sales Excuses" for salespeople somewhere because my CEO/CSO clients often ask me the same questions. One of the "Seasonal Reasons Why We Cannot Sell" is: "the customers are on vacation". It is true that it [...]

  • media

What Media Should You Use?

You have options. Your choice of media will be determined by several factors.  PRINT Click here to listen Yep, books are making a comeback.  A more practical interview with Terry Lents with ideas for using [...]

Introducing DIY Success

Change is happening faster than ever. The way you learn and the way you develop the people who report to you continues to change.   The primary drivers of change:   DEMOGRAPHICS | TECHNOLOGY | [...]

  • why bother

Why Bother With Training?

Why bother with training? What's in it for you? For your team? For the people you mentor? GROWTH "If I always do what I've always done, I'll have less than I've ever had before." Sitting still is [...]

  • training topic

How Do You Choose a Training Topic?

How Do You Choose a Training Topic? For personal or corporate success, you have options. Your choice of topics will be determined what you have defined as: YOUR DESIRED OUTCOME.    FINE-TUNE | REDEFINE | STOP THE [...]

  • have fun

Have Fun With Training

Have fun with your training! GAMES - IMMEDIATE One way to make your session more fun - and more effective - is to include an occasional game. Have fun! "Longest List" and "Most Creative" games [...]

  • Vistage

Retaining Vistage Members

How Can You Prevent Your Hard-earned Members From Dropping Out?   Many Chairs find recruiting to be difficult; attrition starts the recruiting process all over again Why Members Leave Essentially, there is only one reason [...]